The fastest and easiest way to the EU E-Label for wine.

Create your e-label in compliance with the EU Wine Labelling Regulation (2021/2117) in a few minutes and without prior knowledge.

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It works as simple as this

Everyone in the company can use our tool within 5 minutes without any prior knowledge.



Upload nutritional information and ingredients

Upload your lab results and choose your ingredients used. We'll take care of the rest



Create and download the E-Label

Download the 'dynamic' QR code. The stored data can be subsequently customised, the printed code always remains the same.



Apply the QR code and lean back

Add the e-label/QR code to your wine labels, wine brochures and sales shelves and be on the safe side.

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Our E-Label service for wineries

Our software is tested and approved by the german expert for wine law Dr. Eichele and Prof. Fino from the world famous Polenzo University.


Legally compliant

Your E-Label complies with all legal regulations in all countries of distribution and is dynamically adapted to legal changes.


Easy creation and management

Easy creation of e-labels in a few minutes without prior knowledge. You can adapt the contents at any time afterwards.


Transparent costs and cancellable at any time

No additional costs due to old labels or recycling information - with everything is included in the package. Even in the event of cancellation, labels that have already been created remain active.


No double maintenance

All data and images for the wine are already in your ERP system or shop? The IMERO interfaces allow a simple import into the e-Label.


Integration into web store and price lists

IMERO enables the easy integration of the e-label into the own web store as well as the price list.


Automatic translation

Into all EU languages and display of country-specific information according to geolocation

The E-Label, on the safe side with

The E-Label comes into force by 8 December 2023.

As a result of EU Regulation 2021/2117, wines and aromatised wine products produced after 8 December 2023 must have a nutrition declaration and a list of ingredients either in printed form or as an 'e-label' using a QR code on the label.

Don't wait until the end of 2023. The agencies and printers will have their hands full then. With IMERO, they can already create and print the e-label now.

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Talk to us

If you have any questions about the mandatory information on the wine label or the use of QR codes for your wine, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Our low-cost digital wine label service packages

Pay for new E-Labels ONLY. E-labels from the past years do NOT cause any costs for you.

Every E-Label is online for at least 10 years. Just contact us if you want to extend the e-label lifetime.

Test our solution without risk or contact us for an introduction.


Example based on the Silver Package:

You will receive 30 new E-labels per year. This allows you to create 30 new E-labels every year.

Old e-labels from previous years continue to run at no additional cost. You only pay for new e-labels.

The offer is aimed exclusively at business customers. The prices stated are net prices.

For Agencies and Printers

Are you an agency or print shop that wants to offer e-labelling services to your customers? We can provide you with the software at attractive prices and offer you cooperation models.

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Frequently asked questions about the new EU directive for wine labels

If you can't find a answer to your questions below, feel free to contact us.

Starting from December 8, 2023, all wines produced for sale in the EU must comply with the e-label regulation. This means that wines from the 2024 vintage onwards must meet the e-label criteria. For wines of the 2023 vintage, they are considered "produced" once they meet certain EU market standards, such as alcohol content, acidity, and for sparkling wines, the required pressure. Although the term "produced" is not precisely defined in the regulation, many legal experts believe that especially sparkling wines from the 2023 vintage will already be affected by these guidelines.

The label has to be online as long as the product is on the market. Our service includes a standard time of 10 years, which can be extended upon request.

Yes, the E-label is very likely to be introduced in EU by the end of the year. Accordingly, The countries are following the corresponding EU directive of 2021, as published by the German government in a commentary: "In this framework, the mandatory information could be indicated on the label or, with the exception of the calorific value, electronically, writes the German government in its response."

No. Only wines produced and distributed after Dec. 8, 2023, must be labeled.

All wines produced and put into circulation after Dec. 8, 2023, will have to display the label.

The E-Label must be available in all languages of the countries in which the product is sold. The IMERO E-Label automatically translates the label into all 24 EU languages.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

Associations such as the Deutsche Weinbauverband e.V.

As long as the product is commercially available.

Further advantages of our QR code software for wine labelling

Why our QR-code software for wine labels is the wine industry's first choice.

Intuitive e-label creation

Navigate effortlessly with our step-by-step guide designed for wineries. Even if you're new to e-labels, you'll find the process seamless and easy.

Bulk e-label generation

Speed up your label creation process! Upload lab reports as PDFs or use Excel and CSV files to instantly generate multiple e-labels.

Intelligent assistance

Our state-of-the-art assistant not only automatically calculates key values from your lab reports, but also automatically translates all text content into 24 EU languages. Perfect for extending your brand's reach across Europe.

Customised QR code export

Need a QR code for your e-label? Easily export, customise the information and select your preferred file format for hassle-free printing.

Compliance made easy

Keep up with environmental standards. Our software allows you to include recycling information to ensure compliance with Italian environmental labelling legislation.

Stunning and user-friendly design

Experience a modern interface designed for the wine industry. With features like Live Preview, creating beautiful and functional e-labels has never been more enjoyable.

AI Powered lab report upload

Take advantage of AI to easily and speedily upload lab reports, making it quicker and simpler to create e-labels.

Work as a team

Collaborate with your team in real time and seamlessly. Our multi-user feature is designed to increase productivity, promote team collaboration and take your projects to the next level.

Versatile in use

Our software is suitable for your entire product range. Whether red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine, liqueur wines such as port or flavoured wine products such as mulled wine, covers it all.